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Yummm [14 Feb 2004|04:45am]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Finally, some sex with someone other than myself.

Well, my brother's girlfriend noticed how lonely I've been lately, and offered to "set me up" with someone. Me being extremely horny and desperate, decided to go for it.
I was expecting it to be with a girl, but apparently, she knew the perfect guy for me.
I had no objections. :) I've been wanting to suck a cock insanely for the past few months anyway.
Sooo, we met at a really shitty cafe. And to my surprise, he was extremely attractive! :D He had really shiny long brown hair, and intense eyes. With a somewhat muscular frame, and AWESOME cheek bones. Which got me interested right away. He greeted me with a partial smile, as I smiled back and took a seat. At first we were just discussing basic shit, hobbies, family, yada yada.... Then I started to get blunt.
I told him how long it's been since I've "been with" someone, and it took him by surprise. It seemed like his interest just faded when I said that, but he slid his sexy hand up my theigh brushing his middle finger against my panties and asked me if I wanted to go back to his place.
Normally I would have seen this as a very piggish gesture, but I jumped at the chance to fuck this guy. I didn't even answer his question, I leaped to my feet, and practically ran out the door dragging him behind me.
The ride back to his place was pretty intense, just knowing that I was going to be filled with cock soon had me soaked, clit throbbing. I kept reaching over and rubbing his cock through his jeans. I was acting like a kid on her way to the zoo or something.
When we got to his appartment, I immediately pushed my lips against his once the door was shut. It seemed like he wanted to take things slow, but I was so ready to have him. He gave in when he realized I wasn't going to slow down, and reached down to push my hips closer to his. And I felt his hardness pressed up against me. I started to breath heavier as I struggled to get his pants undone. And after his were at his feet along with his boxers, I started undoing mine. After I had them unzipped, he pulled them off of me with my panties, and picked me up so my legs were clenched around his waist. I kissed his neck hard and passionately and rubbed my pussy against his stomache as he carried me to the other room. After he kicked the door shut, he tossed me onto what I'm assuming was his bed. I licked my lips and pulled my shirt up over my head as he lurked above me rubbing his cock. He leaned down and started kissing my stomache, moving his tounge along my body. Once his head was between my legs... I was gone, I was in fucking ecstasy. I threw my theighs over his shoulders and pushed his face into my soaked pussy. He licked and sucked away hungrily as he reached up and started massaging my hard nipples. Watching this amazingly attractive man eating me was too much, I pulled him up as he resisted, trying to keep his face between my theighs, and I shoved him over on his back. I didn't hesitate for a second before his cock was in my awaiting mouth. He let out a long moan, sending chills through my body. I took his balls in one hand as I forced him down my throat, unmercifully. I nearly choked, but I was fucking loving it. I shook my head back and forth fast as the entire length of him was pushed against the very back of my throat. I quickly slid it out to suck on the head of his cock. I could tell he was loving this. :D I rubbed my tounge in a circular motion over the tip as I continued sucking, with my lips clenched tightly around it. He started to pull me up, moaning out "Oh God, I wanna fuck you" over and over. I whined quietly as I slithered up his smooth, toned body. Again.. without hesitation, I took his cock covered in my saliva, and rubbed against the outside of my pussy, making him quiver. I slid it into my pussy and slammed my hips down on him, making us BOTH moan out loud. I pumped his cock wildly with my pussy, rubbing my clit at the same time. I squeezed the walls of my pussy and felt myself started to cum. I told him I was going to... or... moaned it.
And he said he was close as well. I put the entire length of him inside of me and moved my hips in all directions. I bit my lip hard feeling an orgasm take over my body. When my pussy started to contract he slammed himself into me, tilted his head back moaning, and emptied every drop of cum into me.

Wasn't exactly romantic, but it was what I needed. We exchanged numbers (AFTER the sex, haha) and he drove me home.
Yeah, I still have to thank Chelsea for setting me up with that GOD.

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blah [30 Jan 2004|03:00pm]
[ mood | blah ]

To those of you who actually read this shit, I apologize for not updating as much as I'd like to. Although I update alot more on my regular journal. :P Oh well.
Lastnight was rather boring (as every other night is). I masturbated for a good 15 minutes and got off at least 3 times.
Sometimes, I wish I had a helping hand/tounge/pussy/cock. Hmpf. Not all at once of course. But you know what I mean. Can't be having anarchy between my legs. :P Heh.

Anyway, if you read that first entry, you'd know about Amber. Yeah well, we hung out the other day, but of course nothing happened. I'm trapped inside my lustful head when it comes to her. I wish I could make a move like I did in my fantasy. *sighs*

Yeah so, me and my fingers are gonna go have some solo fun.

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What I want [25 Jan 2004|09:33pm]
[ mood | horny ]

I keep getting so wet... *whines*
The hornyness is just building up!!!
And I haven't so much as hugged anyone in over 6 months. This deprivation is starting to get to me. And my clit is acting up. It's yelling 'MUST HAVE STIMULATION! MUST HAVE TOUNGE' Hehe..
I seriously would kill to have someone's face burried into this right now.

Well, here's what I'm craving at the moment...specifically:
To suck and lick on a hard dick. Oh god, how I miss that. I miss the sounds of a guy moaning, and grasping onto my hair as my tounge is going crazy on the tip... lapping up any pre-cum... As I abruptly slip it to the back of my throat and moan making the walls of my throat vibrate against the head. As I fondle the balls, lightly squeezing, and slipping the cock back to my throat repeatedly to make an orgasm much more intense...
I've never recieved a facial though. I want one. I want a guy to shoot his load all over my lips and face. Then I could wrap my lips around it and flick my tounge all over the tip as he finishes. Mmmm....

GAAAAH! *twitch*

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First Entry / Story (EROTIC!!!!!) [25 Jan 2004|03:34pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Well this is my first sex journal. It's gonna be much more passionate... rather than raunchy. Should be fun?
I've never actually been with a girl. But the thought makes my entire lower half perspire with heat. The thought of my tounge running across a smooth hardened clit...flicking at it. The thought of wrapping my lips around the mound, and lightly sucking, making a girl's theighs tremble while pressed firmly on my cheeks. Oh my god. *bites lip*
Well, the following story isn't a true one, but the charactors are real... and it IS a fantasy.. Enjoy. :)

Amber... a classmate I will never forget. College would never have been the same without the view of that gorgeous creature.
I admired her from a distance, my sweet Amber. Every day, I stared wistfully at her pouty lips, wondering what they would feel like between my soft theighs. Wondering what they would look like glistening with my juices.
Oh how I wished for her to notice me.
To feel lust for me.
This woman was beautiful, in every aspect. Her pale skin glowed, and contrasted against her pitch black hair, and full red lips. Her eyes a light color of brown... behind a pair of cute glasses. And her figure petite, yet filled out. I was most attracted to her solitary appeal. With that unreachable demeanor. I always kind of hoped that she was a lesbian, or bicurious. Or at least open to it. Such desire I felt for this woman.

One day, outside of campas, as I was reading the usual boring novel assigned by our English professor and eating the usual stale lunch, I notice out of the corner of my eye, Amber was sitting alone doing the same a few yards or so away. In that next 30 seconds, I don't know how, but I conjured up the courage to speak to her finally.
I walked slowly and cautiously over to her.. practically tip toeing as if she were some endangered species that would run if she noticed movement.
I kind of slumped down next to her with a smile. Finally, she noticed me, and looked up half-surprised.
"Oh... hey Megan" Her eyes scanned me for a moment, as I searched for something to say.
She knew my name? Oh... well, she must have from class.
"Hey Amber" I cleared my throat. "You looked kinda lonely, so I figured I would keep you company over here."
She smiled. "Actually, I was just about to go inside and dump out these leftovers" She glanced over to her uneaten lunch. And then over to mine. "You can come with if you want, nobody ever talks to me around here. I could use some company"
I nodded with a friendly smile, and walked over to get my trash. God, she was even more amazing up close. Her friendliness shocked me.
As we walked through the halls, we talked about anything and everything. We were so much alike, it was mind boggling. Her views... her opinions. Made her all the more beautiful to me. Me being so mediocre.
I watched her hair flow gently as she walked... so graceful.
Even her voice as she spoke... "I'm actually majoring in art. I have a few projects I'm working on if you wanna see"
I nodded as if saying 'yes'.
So we dumped off our trash, and headed for the dorms. Her dorm was much more appealing than mine. It had a unorganized look, with scattered drawings, and posters on the walls. And random sculptures. But I found it so sheek, and artistic.
As she was showing me her projects, I zoned out for a minute staring at her. Without noticing, I leaned in to kiss her as if it were an instinct. Of course, she pushed me away abruptly.
"What... uhm, what was that?" Her pale cheeks were turning a light shade of red.
I started to pant. My desire for this woman was unimaginable.
"I've admired for so long. You have no idea how much I want to embrace you."
She sat quietly for a moment, contemplating. I was ready for her to kick me out... but this was a risk I was willing to take.
Instead she leaned in and planted her soft bare lips firmly to mine. I stopped breathing for a second sitting there in shock. Once I caught my breath, I rested my hands on both sides of her face... cradling it as we kissed.
I loved this woman.
She detached her lips from mine to speak "I want to make love to you Megan! I have for the longest time!....I've just..... I've been so scared. Now that I know you feel the same way I can't wait any longer."
These words made me so happy. I was nearly brought to tears. I kissed her again as I lowered the both of us onto her bed. I wanted to please her. I wanted to taste her. God, I just wanted her.
I moved my lips down to her neck, and lifted her shirt up over her head, as she did mine. I unzipped her pants, as her hips raised slightly for me to carefully pull them off of her hips, and down to her ankles, along with her cotton panties... exposing her glorious pussy. I took mine off myself, and I removed her glasses, looking into her eyes with such passion for a second, waiting for her to give me some sort of sign she really did want me. When finally, she motioned for me to go down. With this I giggled.
I ran my warm tounge down her belly, feeling her invisible hairs stand up on end against my lips. I parted her legs before me and massaged her inner theighs looking up at her while my mouth moved closer to her warmth. I closed my eyes as I kissed directly above her mound. Her smell empowered me. I couldn't take it any longer. I plunged for her clit. Flicking my tounge out at it. I heard her gasp and suddenly her hands were on the back of my head forcing my face into her wetness as she spread her legs furthur. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked gently on it, making it stand out. I massaged it rhythmically with my tounge, circling it... then rubbing directly on it making her buck on my face. I went on for a good hour sucking away at her little button... occasionally sticking a few fingers in to rub the inside of her walls. Until she orgasmed right on my face making her juices flow into my mouth. Pulling me into her with such force as her entire body tensed up, and her clit as hard as ever.
I rolled over next to her as she gasped for air. And as I leaned over to kiss her, she dodged down between my legs and burried her face in my pussy. This surprised me SO much, I nearly orgasmed right then and there. My jaw dropped as she begin to lap at my pussy. And her soft black hair brushed against my thieghs sweetly. Her lips felt so satisfying as she started sucking on my clit. As this went on for at least an hour.
We took turned eating eachother all night....
And the taste forever lingers.


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